7 reasons why you want a Photobooth at your Event

1. Instant Party Memories

The photo prints are the ideal party favours to take home, especially when you can add a personalised message including your event name & date.

2. Express your Inner Madonna

Apart from the dance floor and free bar, the photo booth is the place to be. The experience is unforgettable and when the drinks start flowing you have somewhere to express your inner Madonna vogue pose.

3. The Big Reunion

The photo booth is a fab way to get groups of friends and family together in photos, especially for those not included in the ‘formal’ Wedding photos. Relatives and friends who haven’t been together for ages can have a chance to take a lovely picture together. Or a silly one! You choose!

4. Scaredy Cats become Top Cats

Shy guests, who usually avoid the camera or hide behind tall guests, are able to express themselves behind the photo booth curtain. As there is no Photographer behind the camera, everyone can come out of their shell with no fear of judgement!

5. Age is Just a Number

From little 7-year-old Johnny to Great Auntie Mary, a photo booth is entertainment for all ages. It’s an activity both young and old can enjoy together and take home a photo to remember that snippet of history.

6. ROFL-worthy Photos

We’ve found that people take priceless, and we mean PRICELESS pictures when in the photobooth. Since the photobooth itself manages to create the place for people to feel relaxed, less judged and therefore more able to fully express the Zoolander blue steel. Add some silly hats and a llama mask to the concoction and, my friends, there you have an unforgettable Photo Album.

7. Selfie Snooze

No one likes 5 billion selfies. Getting everyone in the photo booth is the best way to make sure you have amazing photos without the tell-tale phone-holding selfie arm. Facebook will be grateful – promise.

So… what are you waiting for?  To hire your photobooth you can book online on our website!

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